Athkore, The-Bringer-of-Ashes – An ancient red dragon that destroyed Bryn Dûm
Ghed’Rendel – A black dragon in the Ghed’Rendel Swamplands north of Morgan’s Landing
Prokris – Thelxion’s brother and son of Rhadamanthys
Rhenfaxi – A bronze dragon often seen near The Aundain
Rhadamanthys – The blue dragon slain by Aldebrand
Shadowmire – A black dragon that lurks in the Grey Mire of Lyonelle
Thelxion – Prokris’s brother and son of Rhadamanthys, was slain by The Devils of Whitney


The Dwarven Kings of Bryn Dûm.
Head of House: Unknown

Durgeddin the Black – Garam’s nephew and leader of the dwarves following the fall of Bryn Dûm, believed to have been killed by orcs around 987CE
Garam Balas-Khimir – Founder and first King of Bryn Dûm, was killed by the red dragon Athkore

Thane of Halardin’s Deep
Head of House: Brunswick Mulastan III

Halardin Mulastan – Dwarven Lord of Bryn Dûm and founder of Haladrin’s Deep

Dwarven Council of Khazurân Crag
Dain Theikar
Tabek Garanpel
Varner Baradan


Arendel – The Archdruid of Kaeorn, he’s old and may be suffering from demensia

Arúmion Taldóremil – Ereinion’s nephew and apprentice

Dres Tlathlyn – Mithrendain Councilor, renowned swordmage and military commander. Was slain in combat by the Knights of Autumn when he sided with the Fomorian’s in their attempt to destroy The Autumn city.

Ereinion Taldóremil – Archmage and Steward of Deldurin, considered by many the most powerful wizard in Grailand

Flaeorn Marnon – Mithrendain Councilor, flamboyant and highly popular

Grindy-lo – A hag witch that serves Llawran

Laemu Spiremrul – Mithrendain Councilor

Llawran – The Archfey Lord of Shadows, not seen for 300 years since the Belmonts defeated him

Nissa – Arendel’s successor as Archdruid of Kaeorn

Rhineholdt – An eladrin paladin and Virtue of Honor in the Grace of Harmony whom died fighting Rhadamanthys

Rilmarrion – An elven scout turned wight, slain by the Knights of Autumn

Saffrenia – Mithrendain Councilor, friend and ally of Page Aldebrand

Serriay Celshil – Mithrendain Councilor

Talador – The Archmage of The Hand of the Seldarine, Llawran’s son. His spirit lingers in The Hand seeking to right the injustice done to his people.


Pey – An information broker in Direport

Randel Halfmoon – Assist his aunt with running the Halfmoon Inn in the Seven Pillared Hall

Teio Brandywell – Merchant Lord Councilor of Valderin’s Gate, owner of Brandywell Shipping


Airell Bradshaw – Merchant Lord Councilor of Valderin’s Gate, Mayor of Bradshaw Village, banker

Bailan – Former leader of the Red Blades, killed by the revanent of Byeran Unfelar

Bigby Loup – A savage mercanry of the Forty Years’ War discovered to be a werewolf, executed in Ashford by Edda Silverleaf

Bosun – A wererat, Captain Sigard “Snake Eyes” First Mate on the Sea Ghost, has pledged vengence on the adventures: Paxton, Draven and Liken

Emeric – An apprentice wizard to The Mages of Sarunn Khel who ran operations in Direport, killed in battle by Brookheart

Jurin Kreed – Lumber merchant in Heartsford

Kenrick – An rouge/informant in Valderin’s Gate

Mainfroi Plesser – Lord Mayor of Valderin’s Gate, former Lord Magistrate of Valderin’s Gate under Lord Colson Landricourt

Mynogen, Captain – High Captain of Direport

Olan Colast – Skins, Scales and Stones operational organizer

Orontor – An Ordinator Arcanis of The Mages of Saruun Khel

RedWaters, Captain – Captain of the Herridan, often seen in Direport

Sigard “Snake Eyes”, Captain – A pirate smuggler executed in Morgan’s Landing by Draven


Albion – A yuan-ti pureblood, he oversaw the activities of a yuan-ti hideout in the guise of a hidden fortress used by the Belmont’s in their quest to destroy Llawran. Albion was killed by the Knights of Autumn.

Black Molly – A sea hag pirate that had held Direport’s lighthouse for ransom. Slain by adventures (Edda Silverleaf, Rylos and Brookheart)

Blake – The half-orc tavern master of the Dirty Grog Cellar in Ashford

Chendera – A half elf priestessof Avandra, married to Paxton

Dirty Paws – A legendary hero of the shifters from the Ashwood

Graypelt – A fey wolf seen in Bryn Dûm leading a pack of wolves

Yxunomei – A marilith demon controlling the yuan-ti in Daeorien for her own goals against Llawran


The Ruling family of Grailand.
Head of House: King Neal Aldebrand, son of Osric and Kathrine.

Bryce Aldebrand III – Former King of Grailand, killed in battle during the Forty Years’ War
Kathrine Aldebrand – Neal Aldebrand’s mother and sister to Lars Radcliffe
Osric Aldebrand – Former King of Graialnd, died January 9th 1085 CE from illness
Page Aldebrand – Neal’s cousin, daughter of Bryce Aldebrand III

Lord of Old Halicaster, banner-men to House Radcliffe
Head of House: Anselm Belmont

Sir Bertrend Belmont – Anselm’s younger brother and Lord Commander of the Griffin’s Guard, killed by frost giants in early February of 1085CE during an expedition north to assist the elves of Kaeorn with an unknown threat.
Ellie Belmont – Anselm’s younger sister.
Robett Belmont – Anselm’s son and heir to House Belmont.

Lord of Lyonelle, Warden of the South
Head of House: Leo Blackburn (age 42)

Ashley Blackburn – Lord Blackburn’s daughter (age 9)
Ayto Blackburn – Lord Blackburn’s 2nd son (age 11)
Emmon Blackburn – Eldest son of Lord Blackburn (age 15)
Jase Blackburn – Lord Blackburn’s 3rd son (age 7)
Lealand Blackburn – First Lord of Lyonelle, Cleric of Erathis who fought beside Aldebrand against Rhadamanthys
Riannan – Lord Blackburn’s wife, Lord Percival Lodwick’s sister (age 37)
Serrin Blackburn – Lord Blackburn’s 4th son (age 3)

De’ClaudianDe claudain
Lord of Port Darkmouth, banner-men to House De’Ulric
Head of House: Aulancin De’Claudain

Sir Orrick De’Claudain, Lord Commander of the Drake Knights

De’UlricDe ulirc
Lord of Ninril, Warden of the West
Head of House: Gerhardt De’Ulric

Lodwick / DamMartinLodwick
Lord of Whitney Island
Head of House: Ricard DamMartin, Percival Lodwick’s nephew

Percival Lodwick – Slain by Lars Radcliffe in Wyndemir Castle when De’Ulric and Lodwick attempted to cease the throne of Grailand for Page Aldebrand.

Lord of Heartsford in Bryn Dûm
Head of House: Samuel Morgan

Alexander Morgain – Second son of Samuel Morgan, a skilled tracker
Kris Morgan – Youngest son of Samuel Morgan and a cleric of Pelor leading a group of adventures
Jory Morgan – Eldest son of Samuel Morgan
Rose Morgan – Youngest child and only daughter of Samuel Morgan

Lord of Laurefalas, Warden of the East
Head of House: Lars Radcliffe

Former Lords of Valderin’s Gate
Head of House: N/A

Colson Landricourt – Former Lord of Valderin’s Gate, slain by a “demon” during the siege of Valderin’s Gate


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