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Grailand is the northeastern region of the continent of Oranthar between the Iamos Ocean and Emerald Sea, from the Summer Lands in the south to the Helvontius Glacier in the north.

Aundain, The

This mighty waterway is the primary trade route of central Grailand with access to Port Darkmouth, Wyndemir, Valderin’s Gate and even Kentdon on the shores of Lake Ninril. The mouth of The Aundain is seventy five miles wide at the Iamos Ocean and the Llyn River provides passage to Lake Ninril.

The forest of Birchraven is east of Lake Niril along the southern foot hills of the Storm Talons. The forest is inhabited by a few small goblin tribes and a variety of wildlife. The people of Wyndemir farm the lands just south of the forest and often hunt here, though most stay close to the forest edge, weary of Fae. Birchraven is a known gateway into the Faewild near the Autumn City of Mithrendain.

Bryn Dûm

Bryn Dûm, specifically, is the name of the great dwarven city that fell into ruin after Athkore, the Bringer-of-Ashes and a horde of orcs brought it to ruin. Bryn Dûm is now the term used in reference to the region of the Treadstones around the ruins of Bryn Dûm and west to The Emerald Sea. Much of the land is uninhabited by the civilized races but new settlements have formed along the Valk’Morgan River and the throughout the higher grasslands close to the salt marshes along the coast to take advantage of the fertile land, accessible lumber from the forest covered Treadstones , and unclaimed dwarven gold.


In this dark forest, also called “The Shadow Wood”, the barrier between the natural world and the Faewild is thin. The great trees of Daeorien tower three-hundred feet over the forest floor and some are nearly forty feet wide. The forest is haunted by the dead and the fae that inhabit this place are malicious and evil creatures; chief among them is Llawran, the Archfey Lord of Shadows. It’s also rumored among the eladrin that the city of Cendriane is within the Faewild mirror of Daeorien.

Dunn Arden

Emerald Sea, The

Errid Tirnan Mountains, The

Errid Tirnan Mountains
Helvontius Glacier


Hylas rest between the arms of the Errid Tirnan Mountians and what few settlements there are here stick close to the Elorn River. Ruins of the abandoned Hylas Kingdom are haunted by the dead and lycanthropes of the Faewild’s Brokenstone Vale stalk the shadows of Hylas forest. Despite the dangers of this land and the fragile economy of Grailand, the young city of Valderin’s Gate remains strong, renewing trade with the dwarves of Halardin’s Deep and abroad to other regions of the vast world.

Iamos Ocean, The

Laren’s Cay



Morningstar Plains, The


Stonelands, The

Storm Talons, The

Strait of Radinghem, The

Summer Lands, The

Treadstones, The

These forest covered mountains reach four-thousand foot elevations with some peaks reaching as high as five-thousand feet. They run from the Morningstar Plains to Dun Arden, nearly three hundred and fifty miles north to south separating Bryn Dûm and the Emerald Sea from the rest of Grailand. The mountains are inhabited by a great many beings, mostly goblin, orc and elven tribes but also the dwarves and eladrin. The ruins of Bryn Dûm can be found most anywhere in the Treadstones, many still containing great wealth such as the lost stronghold of Durgeddin the Black.

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