Welcome to Grailand

Grailand, as a region, is a remnant of the fallen Narathian Empire that has struggled to maintain a peaceful realm a midst internal conflicts, new and ancient threats and the encroaching wilds of the world. In the wiki pages contained here within we share Grailand’s people, geography and history; documenting the deeds of heroes and their tales along with the enchanted trinkets, blades, armor and artifacts they discover.

The People of Grailand

  • Inhabitants – Heroes, villains and other people of importance in Grailand
  • Organizations – Griffin’s Guard, Marshals, Mages of Saruun Khel, etc. etc.

The Lands of Grailand

  • Geography – Grailand’s cities, mountains, rivers and forest
  • History – What is known (or thought to be known) about the past
  • Magic Items – From minor trinkets to artifacts of great power

Adventuring Parties in Grailand

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